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The greencare™ plans are unique bouquet of services designed to provide solution for your healthcare need irrespective of your location, budget and need. Unlike the traditional health maintenance we offer several cost management options.

All greencare™ plans irrespective of the type is designed to provide comprehensive cover: this originates from a deep conviction that, irrespective of socio-economic status, we all have basic healthcare need that must be met to live meaningfully. So whether you are interested in our basic plan or the high end freedom plan, you can be assured that we provide comprehensive cover.

1 Capitation Based Plan

This is the traditional HMO plan; members enrolled under the scheme are expected to choose a primary provider under the scheme where they receive care for non emergency medical need. This plan is a popular option for employers and individuals interested in providing comprehensive medical coverage within budget.

How does the plan work?

Our capitation based plan is based on risk sharing with our partner hospital, the hospitals selected by members on this plan receive a given percentage of premium paid upfront whether the enrollee visits the facility or not. This upfront payment covers agreed scope of service. If however, the service required is outside the agreed scope of service as defined, Greenbay Healthcare Services Limited will take on the full risk and make payment for required services.

Where service required is not available within the primary provider facility, Greenbay Healthcare Services Limited will facilitate the required treatment outside the primary provider’s facility.

The GREENCARE™ Capitation Based Plan is available under four different packages:


2. greencare™ Freedom Plan

The greencare Freedom™ is designed to provide flexibility and freedom for clients enrolled under the scheme. Under the freedom plan, enrollees are entitled to roam amongst selected partner hospital distributed across Nigeria. They are not required to register with any of the hospital.

This plan is suitable for individuals and businesses that require a high degree of mobility within Nigeria. Or why the freedom to roam is a key consideration. The freedom plan members’ access care with their ID cards at all times.

Summary benefits of the Greencare Freedom™ Plan

3 Third Party Administration plan (TPA)

The greencare™ Third Party Administration plan is a health plan for employer group who prefer and are willing to bear the relative risk cost wise for this services. Greenbay Healthcare Services Limited will work with you to create a suitable, robust and prequalified network of hospital specifically developed for such client.

We will work with you from Hospital network setup through service tariff negotiation, periodic quality assurance audit, claims verification and case management. We are simply operational partners helping you to achieve your vision as regards the healthcare need of your employee

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4 School Health Plan

The greencare™ School Plan is a uniquely designed medical coverage plan for students of institutions; from daycare to higher institution of learning. This plan can be uniquely customized to meet the specific need of your institution whether your school has a boarding facility or just day running.

The scope of coverage under the school health insurance plan is flexible and will be tailored to the demand of parent, student or the school. The greencare™ School Plan also offers school clinic set up, operation and management including medical staff placement.

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Agape Medical Scheme

Do you know you can make a difference in an ORPHAN’S LIFE by participating in the Agape Medical Scheme™? Are you a corporate organization, church or just group of concerned people? You can get further information by downloading a brochure below or by simply sending a mail to

Corporate Organization or Private Group

Church or Related Religious Organizations

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